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Dry fruit ladoo | Dry fruit laddu recipe | jaggery healthy ladoo

Dry fruits ladoo recipe (healthy ladoo)

Dry fruit ladoo | Dry fruit laddu recipe | jaggery healthy ladoo. The winter season is the best from the point of view of healthy and nutritious food. In this season you can make your body energetic and healthy. Today we are telling you the easy method of making dry fruits and jaggery healthy ladoos.

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Dry fruit ladoo

Preparation Time                         10 minutes

Cook time                                       25 minutes

Total  time                                       35 minutes

Serve                                               20-25 laddoos

Difficulty level                               Easy

Cuisine                                             Indian vegetarian

Course                                              Traditional Sweets

Ingredients for dry fruits laddoo (jaggery healthy ladoos)

Cashew                                            50 grams

Raisins                                             50 grams

Almond                                            50 grams

Chironji                                            50 grams

Melon seeds                                  50 grams

Fox nuts                                           50 grams

Gond (Edible gum)                      100 grams

Jaggery                                             200 grams (grated)

Dates                                                100 grams (finely chopped)

Dry Ginger                                      01 Tbsp

Poppy seeds                                  01Tbsp

Dry Coconut                                    100 grams (grated)

Green cardamom                         6-7 (crushed)

Pure Ghee                                      200 grams

How to make healthy ladoo

  • Cut all dry fruits into small pieces and set them aside on a plate.

 jaggery healthy ladoo

  • Break the edible gum into small pieces.
  • Put a little ghee in a non-stick pan and heat it, add chopped dry fruits and fry until light brown.
  • Roast the gum in a little ghee till it becomes light brown and keep it aside.
  • Fry coconut powder and fox nuts lightly brown in some ghee and keep it aside.Dry fruit ladoo
  • Now fry finely chopped date dates in ghee. You have to roast all dry fruits in ghee except poppy seeds.
  • Add ghee to the pan again and heat, add jaggery and melt it. Keep stirring the jaggery continuously with a spoon otherwise, it will stick to the surface.
  • Now add poppy seeds and mix well.
  • Now add roasted dry fruits, edible gum, coconut powder, melon seeds, and ground cardamom and mix well
  • Mix the mixture well and take it off the flame.
  • Keep stirring the jaggery mixture continuously, after a while the jaggery and nuts will start leaving the sides of the pan. Now let it cool on a plate.
  • When it slightly cools down, apply ghee in the palm and give it the shape of ladoo.
  • Now your healthy ladoos are ready, let it cool down, it becomes hard when cooled.

  • Keep these laddus in airtight jars and eat them daily.

Main ingredients

Dry fruits,  Dry Ginger, Poppy seeds, Dry, Pure Ghee, Gond (Edible gum, Jaggery.


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Dry fruit ladoo | Dry fruit laddu recipe | jaggery healthy ladoo

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