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How to make palak pakora | Palak pakoda recipe

Palak pakoda recipe (Palak bhajia)

How to make palak pakora | Palak pakoda recipe | Palak bhajia recipe.  Spinach pakoras are the most well-liked fritter throughout the rainy days within the Indian landmass. throughout the time of year, you’ll be able to build differing kinds of pakoras and revel in the hot-hot fritter. Follow our formula, build spinach pakoras straightforward and crisp reception. In our formula, spinach leaves are 1st washed and cut. It swayback in gram flour solution, then cooked in hot oil. to form it crisp and attractive, a bit edible soda is else to the gram flour. Except for spinach, you’ll be able to additionally build delicious pakoras by adding fenugreek leaves, cabbage, capsicum, scallion, thick chili, and potatoes.

Preparation time                      ten minutes

Cooking time                             twenty minutes

Total time                                   half-hour

Serve for                                     05 members

Difficulty level                           easy

Course                                          Breakfast

Cuisine                                         Indian Food

Ingredients for Palak pakora recipe (Palak bhajia recipe)

Spinach leaves                          250 grams

Gram flour (Besan)                 200 grams

Rice flour                                     02 tbsp

Red chili powder                      01 tsp

Turmeric powder                     01 tsp

Asafoetida (Hing)                     01 pinch

Baking soda                                1/4 teaspoon

Green hot pepper                   2-3(finely chopped)

Coriander leaves                      02 tbsp

Salt                                                 as needed

Cooking oil for cooking pakora

Potato                                          01 (sliced) (optional)

Bell pepper                                 (capsicum) 01 huge (chopped) (optional)

Green peas                                1/2 cup (optional)

Palak pakoda recipe

  • Place the spinach leaves during a mesh basket and wash them with running water and permit them to dry in temperature.
  • during a massive bowl take gram flour in line with the above-named amount and add rice flour. Prepare a thick resolution by adding water thereto. detain mind no lumps within the batter.
  • currently add natural resin, red chili powder, sliced inexperienced chilies, turmeric powder, and salt and blend well. Leave this ready batter at temperature for ten minutes.

palak pakora | Palak pakoda recipe | Spinach pakora

  • when spinach dries, finely chop. you’ll be able to additionally use the entire huge leaves of spinach. If you would like to form pakora with potatoes, cut it into slices. we’ve got additionally used bush and inexperienced peas in our ingredients, you’ll be able to too.
  • Before creating bhajiya, combine the batter well, the higher the mixture becomes, the higher the pakora is going to be.

Frying Spinach pakora

  • currently heat the oil during a thick bottom pan, the oil ought to be heated. to ascertain if the oil is hot or not, add few drops in gram flour resolution, the cooked drop can return up.

palak pakora | Palak pakoda recipe | Spinach pakora

  • together with your fingers place spherical pakoras within the hot oil, keep the flame medium-high. once one facet turns brown, flip it over alternatively it’ll stay raw from within.
  • when cooking the pakoras, place them during a paper napkin so excess oil comes out.

palak pakora | Palak pakoda recipe | Spinach pakora

  • currently, your palak pakoda (Spinach pakora) is prepared, serve it hot-hot with inexperienced coriander Indian relish spaghetti sauce or the other dip.

Note *don’t leave any lumps within the resolution.

  • Fry the pakora in hot oil, keep the flame medium-high, otherwise, the pakora oil is going to be drunk.
  • Use Baking soda in batter, it makes the pakoras crisp.

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Main materials

Spinach leaves, gram flour, rice flour, oil, and salt.


Breakfast, Veg Recipe, Street Food, Palak pakora recipe, Palak bhajia recipe, Palak bhajia. Spinach pakora.

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