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How to make Habshi Halwa | Habshi Halwa Recipe

Habshi Halwa Recipe

How to make Habshi Halwa | Habshi Halwa Recipe. Habshi is an Urdu word from the Persian habashi. Habshi Halwa is a popular Pakistani dessert. It is extremely popular in Delhi in India. It is a type of dessert and is prepared everywhere in Pakistan during the month of Ramadan. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it is also prepared and eaten on the roadside.

The main ingredients of Habshi Halwa recipe are Sugar, Milk, Angoori powder, Citric acid, and nuts. This recipe is easy to make and is ready in about 60-45 minutes. We are giving you the easy method of making Habshi Halwa recipe, (Pudding) follow the steps given below.

Preparation time                                              10minutes

Cooking time                                                     45 minutes

Total time                                                            55 minutes

Serve for                                                            6-8

Difficulty level                                                   Easy

Course                                                                  Dessert

Cuisine                                                                 Pakistani

Chef                                                                      Qutub Siddiqui

Ingredients for Habshi Halwa Recipe

Flour                                                                                      300 grams

Milk                                                                                       03 kg

Sugar                                                                                     500 grams

Citric acid                                                                             25 grams

Walnuts or almonds                                                        50 grams

Angoori powder (wheat extract powder )            150 grams

nutmeg, mace, and cardamom powder                  01 pinch

Brown color                                                                        as required (optional)

Liquid glucose                                                                    200g

Clarified butter                                                                                 04 tbsp

Water                                                                                   as required

Habshi Halwa Recipe

How to make Habshi Halwa Recipe (Habshi pudding)

  • Add Angoori powder and 300 gm flour according to the above-mentioned quantity, add water to it and make a thin paste.
  • Place a large pan on the gas, add 3 kg of milk to it. Now add angoori powder and flour mixture and stir it. Stir the prepared mixture continuously on the flame.
  • Turn off the gas when the mixture starts to boil.
  • Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, now add 25 grams of citric acid to it and mix gently.
  • When the milk starts to form a curd, turn on the flame, and keep stirring.
  • Now add a little brown color and cook.
  • When the water of the mixture dries then add butter and 500 grams of sugar to it and stir.
  • Now add a pinch of nutmeg, mince, and cardamom powder and stir. Add 3 tablespoons butter and stir.
  • Cook it until a separate layer of butter is formed.
  • Now turn off the gas, add 200 grams of liquid glucose to it.
  • Grease a tray and spread the halwa on it.
  • Take your Habshi Halwa is ready, garnish it with walnuts or almonds and serve.

Main Ingredients

Flour, Milk, Sugar, Citric acid, Angoori powder (wheat extract powder ), Liquid glucose, and butter.


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Habshi Halwa Recipe

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