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Aloo Tarkari
Main course

Aloo Tarkari with Puri | Potato curry recipe

Aloo Tarkari with Puri Delicious and easy Aloo Tarkari with Puri  (potato curry recipe). Aloo Tarkari is a delicious spicy recipe using potatoes, tomatoes, and aromatic spices that people like to eat with puri. You can prepare this delicious recipe is very little work time around 20-25 minutes. This is a vegetarian tangy or spicy […]

Stuffed Cabbage rolls recipe
Appetizers, Italian recipe

Vegan Capunet recipe | Cabbage rolls | Stuffed Cabbage rolls recipe

Capunet (Stuffed Cabbage rolls)  Like our other recipes, Capunet (Stuffed Cabbage) is a simple Italian recipe, and the ingredients used are readily available. Stuffed Cabbage rolls recipe, we have stuffed a mixture of rice, carrot onion and garlic in Savoy cabbage leaves, fresh herbs, eggs, and Parmesan cheese have been used to enhance the taste. Traditionally, […]

Vegetables Cutlet
Appetizers, Snacks

How to Make veg cutlet Recipe | Vegetable Patties recipe | Vegetables Cutlet

Vegetable Patties recipe (Veg Cutlet) Vegetable Patties recipe (veg cutlet) is a delicious, easy, and nutritious recipe, people use different types of ingredients to make it. We have used Potato, blanch vegetables, and some spices in our recipe. The vegetables cutlet Recipe is one of the popular appetizers that you can make any time.  Today we […]